Internet archive cleansing

I wonder if most of the Linux distros on the internet archive could be scrubbed since unlike windows it’s hard to install on modern pcs or VM? I’ve been trying to distribute gpl apps on archive with the source code but it’s getting frustrating difficult since it’s outdated or deprecates each and every day.

I really don’t know what you mean. All major Linux distributions install hassle-free on an extremely wide range of devices and virtual machines in a fraction of the time for an average Windows installation - with the difference that for many distributions you have the option to install nearly all applications an end user needs right with the installation of the operating system. It would be hard to make it any easier.

Sorry again, but you would have to be more precise in order to be properly understood.

I assume with “gpl” you refer to the Gnu Public Licence.
However, the licence you choose has no impact whatsoever on how difficult it is to install your software.

What does impact the difficulty are e.g. the programming language chosen and the required dependencies. You might want to give us some insight about what are you trying to achieve and what kind of problems do you encounter.


  1. “on archive” has no meaning without you telling which archive you are talking about.
  2. in “since it’s outdated or deprecates each and every day” it is not clear what the pronoun “it” stands for. What exactly is “outdated” or “deprecates” (What does “expressing disapproval” in this context even mean?)

Sorry, English is not my native language, so I might require more idiot-proof language than others. In software development, proper syntax and semantic is vital, but I strongly believe that they also matter in inter-human communication.

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No, Mina, your language skills are quite good. The questioner asks an unanswerable question, since there is no “archive” for all Linux distros. You gave him a good answer; he needs to ask a more precise question.