Is android better than ios?

Is android better than ios?

For a lot of iPhone users the problem is storage, as well as when wanting to watch a short video that someone had put up on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, they have to download the video before they can watch. Same goes for MP3 files too. Whether or not these are problems on IOS I have no idea?
Android allows the user to watch the video or listen to MP3’s straight away, that have been uploaded to messaging sites. Again though Android is co owned by Google and the problem with all the telemetry, that comes with Android is not good. Google do listen into what you’re saying, without the user using the phone. A couple of videos below.

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When you look at it, take a look at this video. It has really brought home of what all of our lives actually mean. If you’re like me and remember how the Internet used to be? Then this video is for you, if you’ve ever felt like something is missing, then this video is also for you. This video shocked the hell out of me and made me realise to say out loud What the hell?

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Welcome to the club TheanhIT. In answer to your IP, what for?

Given I have some “investment” in the Apple ecosystem, I’d go for an iPhone - IF - they had expandable storage! I hate that fixedness… But that limitation is not unique to iPhones…

Google’s Pixel handsets don’t support expansion via SD card… Neither did their Nexus range (even though I loved my Nexus 5 running MaruOS, it pissed me off being hamstrung by a piddling 32 GB of storage).

So - I went for a 2nd hand Samsung last year, can’t even remember why - there was nothing wrong my Nokia (Nokia is just a badge/sticker by Chinese company HMD) 4.2 running Android One.

I think I went for the Samsung 'cause I could use DeX on it - I did use DeX for a brief period - hmmm, even as recently as March / April / May 2021…

BUT JEEZ I HATE Samsung! They should stick to the only thing they’re good at, that’s making HARDWARE - what they do to Android is butcher it, strip bits out, and overfill those empty bits with SAMSUNG BLOATWARE! It’s an abomination… I wish they’d give up on the user interface stuff, period, they’re shit at it, their marketing team are rank amateur bit players - I’d fire the lot of them, then blacklist them so they never worked in marketing ever again… Here’s a meme I made about Bixby - what a stinking piece of shit Bixby is :

Note : they obviously never consulted any late baby-boomers or gen-X’ers, the actor who played Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk TV show was Bill Bixby**… As badly named as Microsoft’s pathetic “Bing” search engine (did they name if after that hapless doofus Chandler Bing from “Friends”?).

** He also played the ‘nephew’ in My Favorite Martian, and Eddy’s father in “The Courtship of Eddy’s Father”…