Is it normal to see plethora of updates in Ubuntu 23.04?

For several weeks my two installations of Ubuntu 23.04 have been getting small “Ubuntu Base” or other system updates several times a week, even twice in one day. Is this normal? I’ve started to wonder if these things are legitimate. I know 23.04 is an “interim” version, so maybe it’s normal.

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They’re legit. 23.04 isn’t a LTS version, so it receives more updates than if you had 22.04 installed, which is kind of more of a stable release. If you think that’s a lot, you should see how much Arch likes to update. lol


@Doron_Beit-Halahmi Thank you! I am much relieved. I really don’t mind the updates, but wanted to make sure they were normal. This is my first time with an “odd-year.04” version.