Is Lubuntu 20.04 really that bad?

Hello altogether,

has anyone got any experience with new Lubuntu 20.04?

I´m asking because I read a devastating article practically condemning this new Lubuntu version.

I myself have been running Lubuntu since xenial and am very satisfied with it. Bionic is the same. Nothing to complain about.
But focal fossa - according to the author M.HANNY SABBAGH - is an absolute nightmare.

His test can be read on .

Here are some of his comments:

  • Lubuntu 20.04 Is an Absolute Nightmare of a Linux Distribution

  • I have never seen any more horrible Linux distribution than this in my entire lifetime. And I assure you that I have tested at least +200 Linux distributions in that short life so far.

  • We recommend not even wasting time and downloading this release, as it is full of errors and bugs as you have seen

  • One would have hoped that the bugs we covered in the Lubuntu 19.04 review would be fixed by this release, but sadly, the bugs are increasing and not decreasing.

All that sounds really horrible.

I know that the transition from LXDE to LXQt may not have been without any hiccups. But the author of this article doesn´t seem to think this distro is even worth considering.

So I really would be interested to find out whether anyone can confirm the negative impression of Lubuntu.
Or perhaps there´s someone who likes it and cannot go along with these statements.

Thanks a lot in advance for your views.

Rosika :frowning_face:

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I didn’t like it but installed LXDE and ldm over the top and selected LXDE on login, and now it is fine and runs fast. LXQt is ugly. Pity that the developers did not adopt the maxim of ‘if it isn’t bust, don’t try to fix it’.


I tried Lubuntu a few years ago, because I thought distro diversity was becoming too much of a necessary good thing. However, I moved rapidly to Mint LXDE because Lubuntu simply refused to allow itself to work in French. Some developers need to think global: even now, navigators can cause trouble for beginners trying to set up languages other than the American version of English. Perhaps language management could become one of the standard benchmarks for distros.

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I actually liked Lubuntu 20.04 - in contrast to another person who stated they didn’t like the lxqt environment, I actually liked that much more than lxde. I ended up using vanilla ubuntu and just modified a lot with extensions. But if you have a system that’s older, or if your system doesn’t have a lot of ram, Lubuntu 20.04 is pretty good in my opinion. :slight_smile:

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Hi all and thank you so much for your opinions.
It´s much appreciated. :+1:


Oh, quite a solution. Sounds good and eliminates the problem of an unliked LXQt.

I totally agree with that.
Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:


That´s certainly a valid point.

By that I see that you tend to use the LXDE desktop environment. Thanks for your opinion.

Hi Matthew and thanks.

Nice to hear that you see LXQt positively.

Fine, that´s a clear statement. Thanks.

@ all:

To sum up: I´m a bit shocked that the author M.Hanny Sabbagh in his article leaves nothing good about Lubuntu 20.04.
His main negative points seem to be:

  • issue of brightness management on laptops
  • keyboard shortcuts issue ("You create a new shortcut, only to discover
    that it doesn’t work. ")
  • two battery icons on the panel
  • panel configuration issue (“can’t add icons to the panel”)
  • drop any file/folder issue
  • Closing the lid of the laptop does nothing in Lubuntu 20.04
  • qps issue (system monitor program )

Despite all that (even if it were true all all the time in every setup scenario) I´m not convinced that at least some of the issues couldn´t be solved.

Thanks all for your views and keep safe.

Rosika :wink: