Is possible restart a suspended system remotely?

For Ubuntu and Fedora based on GUI - both as remote clients - in a laptop (and even PC) is possible execute remotely through either SSH or Remmina the following command:

  • sleep 15 && systemctl suspend

The system can be restarted by opening the laptop’s lid or pressing any key. Of course it must be accomplished locally and is practically mandatory do the login again. Until here all ok.

Consider a special policy of the company/university/client to suspend the system but for a special case is not possible restart it locally.

I did do a research and I found the rtcwake command but it works locally and is based on scheduled time. It is very useful but what about if is need it to restart the system in a specific time, prior of the scheduled time, while it is suspended and remotely?.

Is possible restart the suspended system remotely?. And how?

If it is conneted to wired network and wake-on-lan is enabled, there may be a way:

(First wake it, then ssh into it and restart.)

If it is connected to wireless, I doubt it is possible.

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Thank you, let me do the respective research. Yes, the remote client is in the LAN through wireless.

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