Is there a easier way to turn a fire tablet into a Linux?

I have an old fire tablet (fire tablet 7,9th Gen) and I can’t add my Amazon account to it nor can enable adb to root it. I thought about buying a Linux tablet but it’s just too expensive :confused:. So is there an easier way? And if not, is there a cheap Linux tablet ?

Unfortunately, you cannot install Linux on fire tablet. I have checked a few project websites and none of them support Fire tablet.

This is the kind of problem we face today. We’ve got hardware from vendors who don’t want to support the devices for a long time.


You might think about buying a refurbished computer suitable for Linux.
Does it have to be a laptop. Desktops are less expensive, and more readily repaired or upgraded, and usually have less linux compatability problems compared to laptops.



Lisa, may I recommend the computer I’m using? It’s an HP/Compac small form factor desktop, available from Amazon/BestBuy/NewEgg, usually for under $100. My Fire tablet cost less, but it’s limited. The HP, with a thrift shop monitor, runs any Linux I want and has room for easy RAM and HDD expansion.


Aww well I’ll find something to do with my fire tablet. I did find a laptop for about $50 that I can run Linux on. Thanks for the help everyone :smile_cat:

You may be able to.
Have a read of this

if you can get and install FDroid App store - you might be able to install TermUX…

When I realised the route for my Galaxy to get to Linux was strewn with house sized boulders, I ended up going FDroid just to get a decent TermUX experience.

Took me a few attempts to get FDroid working on Samsung’s garbage ecosystem, but I got there…

For my money - that’s the closest I reckon I can get to Linux… It’s a bash (or ZSH if you prefer) shell that utilized the Linux kernel that Android uses…

The only reason I use Linux (and MacOS OSX) is 'cause of the shell…

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