Is there a Linux Help site that can understand fuzzy queries and help find the exact topic?

WIN, which I have quit twice in my life has a way to take inexact queries and by process of progressive approximation get the question down to an exact query that can actually help.

That doesn’t seem to be a thing in Ubuntu X or Pop or any other ways I have ever questioned Linux. I’m almost 80 and, while I’m never going back, it seems I am limited by my short term memory to always being mostly stuck in the GUI.

Would you help?

Hi Everett, :wave:

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I´m not sure if I understand correctly.

What kind of queries do you have in mind?
Are you looking for local files on your computer or do you want to search for answers to special Linux-related questions (as the title of your post might suggest)?

For the latter I´d say look no further than this very forum with all of its friendly members and helpers. :smiley:
Just post whatever you have on your mind. I´m pretty sure you´ll get tons of help here.

Many greetings
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Everett,
One of the best ways to make Linux queries is to use Google in your browser. Google does not have an automatic way of improving queries… you have to do successive approximation by hand … but it does give you access to a whole range of queries made by other people and some of the answers are usually helpful.
So have a practice with google. You need to include keywords (like linux or Ubuntu or howto) in your search criterion to limit what the search returns. It is a bit of an art getting good search results, but you will master it if you practice.

Inside Linux, one of the best distros for providing good user information is MX Linux. That is probably why it is the most popular distro.


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