Is there a way to create an arch based distro?

Hello, this recently came to my mind, I have an arch virtual machine so I wondered because arch is so free(freedom to do anything) can I create an arch based Linux distro? I mean one with a custom installer, a DE, apps, sort of like manjaro, it would be a fun project I could do.

You can do that with any normal Linux distribution, but it is way more complicated than it sounds.

I just wanted to know the process, you know for future projects maybe or just for fun

You can skip the parts which you do not have to do from scratch and you have your process.

hmmmm interesting, does that guide have a section for a graphical installer?

I don’t know, did you read it all? Perhaps you should first check out the entire material, so a couple of your questions will certainly be already answered.

alright, thanks for your help, I will try that tomorrow(its night in my country)!