Is there an income tax program forn linux users in canada?

I am using pop-os as main OS and would like to do my canadian taxes using linux. i would rather not have to set up win 10 in a virtualbox to get a software program. any ideas?>

A simple search [tax software canada linux] on DuckDuckGo yielded this article, which outlines several DIY tax programs for Canada:

Best of luck!

thanks for the quick reply!! and i did find one that will work in linux OS, called “mytaxexpress”. most only do windows and mac, of course. great news

Here is one:

How about Turbotax, online? I personally don’t like them, but they are very popular.

it appears that turbotax does not support a linux OS, at least up to 2020. wealthsimple is not a real tax program but looks like a provincial and frderal tax calculator.

i will look at wealthsimple more closely tho

I have been using for many years with 0 complaints. No charge to use it and I forget if you can get the results free or you only get charged to efile. I always buy mine when they offer a sale reduced price. I paid $35.79 including taxes for my wife and I.

I used online Turbotax last year through whatever Linux distro I was using at the time. I’m sure the browser was Firefox. I’m sure because they are beginning to pester me with ads for next year!

i hope u r correct! i have been scouring their website but can’t seem to find where they say they r linux compatible, or even where to actually contact them with the question of compatibility. i will keep looking, tho, and many thanks. at least i have something to work with.

Seems not

As I said, I used the web version of Turbotax through Firefox installed on Linux. I did not install Turbotax on my computer. Big difference!

It’s one thing I hate them for. The other when you get the popups to upgrade. Isn’t that great with Linux programs that you never get those??


Does the Canadian IRS not have a website where you can enter your tax returns ?
Here in Ireland there is such a website where you can safely/discretely enter your returns by firstly downloading a personal tax file ,sent by the local IRS upon registration ,which is valid for a few years . A very convenient /retrieviable system .

Frank (wicklowham) in County Wicklow, Rep. of Ireland

they do but it is not compatible with a linux operating system ( at least that is my understanding).

I took a look at Tax Canada and Netfile websites. They mention using Turbotax as a certified partner, and Turbotax sure works in Linux. You may have some more research to do.

great. i just haven’t seen anything on the turbotax site that specifically says "linux compatible " ( or something similar). But you have mentioned using the web version so i will definitely use that if i can.

many thanks!!~

Bill, sometimes I look for mentions of compatibility, too. Most of the time, as in the rest of life, I smoke test it and rely on asking forgiveness rather than asking permission. But I just turned 25 for the third time so I have the senility excuse available.