Is there anyone who is familiar with the FreeBSD software?

I am trying to find someone familur with this software that I might be able to have a conversation over it with them , Thier feelings about it etc,

I can’t actually speak to it, but just yesterday I was talking to an old friend of my son’s, who runs servers for a large company. He built a firewall server using BSD on an older piece of hardware, and was extolling its virtues: very solid, trouble-free.

I am seeint that they have all kinds of cool stuff. My problem is I am not a developer in any sense It i just start getting comfortable with all the linux package. But I was goiing to down load the ports bsd software because you need it for almost anything you do on their ssystem. There are parts i am trying to get help installing but I am trying to do it wiht out the whole worls knowing i have it

Don’t ask me specifics - but - I love :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: FreeBSD…

But - having said that… I don’t run it “per se”… I use FreeNAS as my NAS solution, have done so for well over 10 years… and I’ve been running it on the actual same piece of “kit” since December 2011 (so HAPPY 10th anniversary to my HP NL40 Microserver*).

I can tell you one thing, my ZSH shell on my FreeNAS system, running FreeBSD 11.x is as good as my Ubuntu systems running ZSH. I can run all my scripts that I’d normally run on a Linux system (most of them work on any Ubuntu or Debian system) without modification on my ZSH shell account ($HOME) on my FreeNAS / FreeBSD environment.

I do occasionally run FreeBSD as a desktop OS, but not too often - I’m lazy, and I’m happy with the way everything works on my Ubuntu systems, my RPI’s running Debian, and even my MacBook Pro M1, with Big Sur 11.6 (note : MacOS is considered a variant / derivative of FreeBSD) - where I run iTerm2 and ZSH…

FreeBSD can do everything that Linux can, arguably more efficiently, some big name vendors choose FreeBSD to run their appliances over the Linux kernel :
Juniper networks
Palo Alto
and I’ve no idea how many other’s there are… if I had to run my own firewall setup, I’d 100% be running pFsense or m0n0wall (both FreeBSD based, note FreeNAS actually forked m0n0wall to make FreeNAS!).

Also every man and his ill informed dog these days is rambling on and on about containers and docker ad nauseam, FreeBSD had “jails” 20 years ago!

* started off with 2 GB RAM (ECC), bought 2 x 4 GB RAM (non ECC), and 4 x 1000 GB HDD in RAIDZ1 (3 TB usable) - ran like that for 7-8 years, booting off internal USB thumb drive. Since upgraded to 4 x 4000 GB HDD, 2 x 8 GB ECC RAM, booting off 5th SATA SSD…

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Tripp loves that name. Not from Florida. I take it as a good friend with the very same name I went to school with. I was asking about the freebsd because i am trying to help a friend of my parents church they helped build in nigeria years ago., They have a platform and will start to teach children online and they were going to try to use stellar blockchain but i was explained to him that the tokens on stellar can be manipulated I have proven that many times, But i told him it would be safer to build his own blockchain safer and create jobs mining for the pens that have nothing ,i seen a while back that Freebsd has the crypto program and I know of others using it for the crp. I wanted to create that for him or the lonero which is also awesome from what I can see but I can’t find those guys anywhere, and I cannot figure out how the system works on freebsd. I was hoping to recruit some help on it . They have a great start at a program but not one of them knows a thing about the blockchain or development and I’m busy all the time but try my best to help but it is sifar above my pay grade. Would you know anything about that part of freebsd? Or even have time to assist in it

I started with FreeBSD in about 1990 before Linux was available. I moved to GNU/Linux because it had better drivers.
More recently FreeBSD has moved to the ZFS filesystem, and that makes it difficult to work with both BSD and Linux, because Linux does not support ZFS well.
There is an inbetween position. Void Linux is like a Linux kernel with a BSD ports and package system. I think Void would give you the best of both worlds. Void requires some configuring, it does not do everything at install like Ubuntu, but it is fast and cleanly configured, and has a unique init system called runit which is simpler than systemd.
Try them all. you really have to use a system to see if it suits your purpose.

Thanks what I am really interested in would be the crypto part of it they have a code written that has some very old code in it that supposed to work really smooth and i am trying to get some friend out of africa set up so that they can start thier online school so and they can mine crypton on the side while taking classes. The average income is so low there that it would help them suplete some of it cause lots of them have access to free electricity in some areaas it would work but the isntall is very tech and im going to have to study the heck out of this one

As it is almost always the case, “free” does not mean “infinite”. If one starts doing that, then others will and in the end the power network will be overloaded and nothing will work, anymore. Then it will become non-free. At least, that’s what usually would happen.

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Yes well the church organization my parents belong too with the fellas we are trying to help are setting up solor and other things for them I do not know 100% im kind of just tryinng to help out , I keep seeing the scams online and people blamming them and they do alot of it but darn they live less then a dollar a day over 45 % of the country and that is wrong, We could have and should have fixed this along time ago, I could not imagine that and I live in Mexico they make alot more then that well not all but most

Sure, it’s still wrong. I’ve seen plenty of, from their perspective, “rich” people, which literally lost all of their savings and their whole hard earned life due to such scams. So, there is no excuse for that. Additionally, you can’t compare a dollar in a Western country like the USA to a dollar in some shithole in the middle of nowhere. A dollar in the USA is probably worth nothing, however a dollar in the middle of nowhere could maybe feed an entire family for a day. It always depends. A dollar isn’t always a dollar.

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