ISO image on Windows


What’s the difference between using Rufus and the instructions from the following post:

Rufus does it after choosing to check the ISO checksum.

Are both methods the same?
It seems Rufus is quicker and there is no typing.

What method would you recommend?

In my opinion, if you are using Windows anyway, Rufus is the best tool of all for ISO Image burning.

Especially compared to these incredibly tedious instructions referenced in the link you provided, Rufus is clearly superior.

Rufus sometimes even makes images work, that do not work with other burners, because it can burn the image in different ways, e.g. in DD mode.

Doing these operations with other tools, whether you are using Linux or Windows, is much more tedious and confusing. Using Rufus to do this job is simple, even for beginners.

Thanks! I will use Rufus instead.

I favor Etcher over Rufus. I’ve had issues with Rufus and all the others I’ve used.