Italic Ms Fonts

Hello everybody, I’m glad I joined Linux community like that one, the generous 1.
I wanted to download and install italic Microsoft fonts on my deepin 20.5, using web or commands, but unfortunately I Couldn’t.
Can someone help me plz § thanks

Did you do this first :

sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

Pretty sure Deepin is Ubuntu based, correct?


Deepin is Debian stable based.
So yes it has apt

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Just checked on my Debian 9 and 10 systems (actually - Raspbian) and that package is available in the default debian repos!

Note - I don’t think there are separate TTF files for italic and bold versions of fonts (sometimes there are exceptions, I know) - but there are generally “hints” in the font file about kerning and spacing if it’s going to be italicized…

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Thanks for offering help. Yes I already tried it But nothing new!

Check the newest ItsFOSS email posting: 22 Things to do After Installing Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish
Look for Item #2, the Ubuntu Restricted Extras package. This should also be in the Deepin repository, if it’s based on Ubuntu.