Its always DNS lol

Be warned Doc, I’m going to steal this and shamelessly onshare it and maybe even claim it as my own work :smiley: …
DNS issues was one of the first hurdles I hit with Gentoo! As for my Gentoo journey - I shutdown my Oracle Linux VM only today (needed to fire up an Amazon Linux VM) and I haven’t touched it on my Dell since early this week or the weekend or something…

I reckon I might scratch what I’ve done on Gentoo on that Dell and kick it off again from the boot live image (that laptop doesn’t like booting some distros via Ventoy, and Gentoo’s one of them - so I have a dedicted USB stick for Gentoo)…

Heck I might even check out if Gentoo’s been updated since 18/06… and yes - was updated 25/06 (looks like a weekly thing) :

Love aarnet - that’s where I grabbed Slackware 3 from in 1995 :smiley:


hey I stole your unix wallpaper, so you’re entitled one back, so have at it :slight_smile:

It’s always DNS … and RAID is not a backup … two slogans I live by.


We should have a thread just for lame (and not so lame) memes :


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We should have a thread just for lame (and not so lame) memes :

lol im with it.

LFS isn’t so bad … its just a lot of compiling … and compiling …and compiling …and …more compiling…

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