It's Foss Artwork

Been mucking around in GIMP today and came up with these wallpapers for fun.

Unfortunately could not get the people in but will keep trying. :smiley:


Yes quoted myself, here it is with people in. Had to rattle my brains to get it done.

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To my eyes it is only a ghost in a dark room.

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Thank you for that. I had to look very closely before I realize the logo was in the middle. The concept is quite good. I’ll try and replace the black color with blue-ish color of It’s FOSS :slight_smile:

Edit: It actually looks good as it is when set as desktop wallpaper.

You’re getting quite good at this even if your marbles are rattling.
Painting black on black can’t be easy or do you darken at final stage? Are you using transparent fill to see the background - it works very well - keep at it. :ok_hand:
Love the lighting gradient on the texture :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have just uploaded original 1440p png file up to my Dropbox. Just done Puppy Linux too.

It’s actually to do with displacement and light and shadow tools in GIMP. I love GIMP because you do not need a powerful system to run it, like you do with Photo-Shop.

You can get all my Wallpapers from this link TinyURL link below

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I must be color blind
to me they are all black images.

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Yes they are black, but can you see the Linux Icon that I blended into the background? I’m registered color blind and I can see it. :laughing:

No I can’t see.
Perhaps I’m not color blind
and just blind

Woow, cool artwork, may i ask how did you do that? i want to try doing it with a few logos like google and stuff

what are you licensing it under?

@clatterfordslim I wanted to include your wallpapers in the weekly newsletter. Forgot it this week as well :frowning:

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Never mind, maybe next week? :smile:

If I don’t forget it again, then yes of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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Even I had difficulty in finding the logo… Became easier when looking at your reply!

I’m not correctly using my computer; I’ll apply this wallpaper and share a screenshot :slight_smile:

Okay Abhishek, I’ll wait for the next newsletter…

So did I whilst making it and the Linux Logo ones too. Turn the brightness up on your monitor slightly, as the picture itself is dark anyway and it’s meant to fit in with a dark GTK theme.

Very cool! I had to download them first before I could see your work but I am glad I did.