dark mode issues

Hi there,
I love the new sleek look on the main website & the ability to switch to dark mode, but I am having a few issues. I am not sure if I am a victim of caching or it’s a work in progress ~ I’ll let you know about what I’m seeing…

In Firefox, with itsfoss dark mode on:

  • The front page latest articles text links are light grey on white, so I cant read them.
  • The footer is white text on white bg
  • In articles with code snippets the code is pale blue on teal, which is readable but not very easy to see. (this one is just an observation & not really an issue)
  • In some articles the code snippet is also a link, so its teal text on teal bg. eg: Use 'maybe' to See What a Command or Script Will Do, Without Running It - It's FOSS (python-ptrace)
  • The linux-reviews & terminal-tips pages are quite hard to use as almost all the text is white on white.

If it is caching, you can prevent CSS caching by adding a random num as a query string dark-mode.css?ver=1.0.5&rand=90210