It'sFoss Secure Web Page?

Hi All,

A little earlier today I noticed that there was a warning triangle over the https in the address panel top left - yet on other web sites such as eFoundation and Affinity were okay :thinking:

I was using Abrowser unmodified as installed under Trisquel 8 - a browser based on FFox.
After logging out to edit photo from camera (screen capture will not show warning message) and logging in again the warning has not appeared. :crazy_face:
Any thoughts guys? :face_with_monocle:
I had been replying to a post about freetube and including links to at the time.

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i am using firefox (nightly) mobile and only get an insecure connection when viewing that freetube thread with the videos posted showing some kind of mime support issue (image below). did you add the videos as a link or embed them?

edit: i can return to a secure connection by changing pages from the freetube post and refreshing the tab.


Hey @01101111 Thanks again; looks like you have nailed this issue :ok_hand:
Not sure that I know how to embed a video so just copied and pasted from address panel.

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Yes, the website itself is secure. But since it is a forum, it hosts foreign content, like images, videos and links to other websites. Those may be not secure. Therefore, you see the warning above.

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Sorry Guys @Akito and @01101111
I will go back to that freetube topic and replace the links with screen capture pictures. Hope that will fix the issue you have described?
ps What is that cricket doing top left in your pic - just curious :thinking:

It’s not a real problem. It’s only a security warning, that is not that important on an open forum like this. It would be important on a website with enabled purchases, where you for example provide your credit card details.

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