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Hi FOSS people – With all this zooming and video conferencing I found it strange that a search for jitsi found no results. (8x8 either) Considering all the people that are now working from home and those students and their teachers at school or University. Hey governments too – remember our clowns at uk-gov – security meltdown on zoom…
Have any members used this open source community software?

Is there a FOSS endorsed programme or app for video conferencing?
ps – excuse my ignorance but what is SLACK (pertaining to jitsi)
Stay Safe guys

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I’ve used it already and it works fine. Some people I know go to school and suggested Jitsi to teachers, but these refused to use any alternative to Zoom or Microsoft Teams. I guess some people are just immune to learning. Ironic, considering those people are actual teachers.

Hey Thanks @Akito - Yes ironic indeed

You have made an important profound observation here - the difficulty in getting any generation to deviate, even so slightly, away from mainstream cr4p!
What chance have the young generation got if their teachers are so anti alternative? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: What chance have the young generation :boy: :girl: got if their teachers are condoning and even enforcing their students to have closed minds? :worried:
Hey - do not despair - there are some people, perhaps like you, I and FOSS members, who rebel and or have minds that are open to consider alternatives and decide what is best for them. :yum:
What is Slack please?
Could you @Akito @abhishek or @Ankush_Das do a brief tutorial or demonstration to show this app in action, showing how to invite others - with password - on a laptop and a phone please? :ok_hand: (For the young and open minded pensioners like me :smile: )

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Hi! We actually covered Jitsi a while back here: https://itsfoss.com/jitsi-meet/ (and I’ve tried to explain how to use it, with a quick overview)

And, if you’re looking for more options, we also have an article for the same: https://itsfoss.com/open-source-video-conferencing-tools/

Hope that helps you! Feel free to let me know if you need help! :slight_smile:

Other than Cisco webex and MS Teams, the only other conferencing tool I’ve used over the last 6 months has been BlueJean (the people at Puppet use it)… all seem to work fine with Linux (webex in a browser)…

I agree about acedemia being sucked into the Microsoft camp… I truly never saw that coming… I was at Uni in the early 1990’s as a student, and also worked at one Uni (1995/96 - right around the time I got into Linux), and I expected academia to have fully embraced Free and Open Source by at leat the mid 2000’s.

Then my daughters started going to Uni in the mid/early twenty-teens - and BOTH of them needed to have MS Office, and not any old office, it had to be the latest Office 2010 or later! i.e. support for the lame xml file as a zip file document format (a docx or an xlsx is just a zipped up xml file)… unbelievable… oh well…

It’s more of a chatting app, I believe… kinda like IRC but costs $$$ instead… used widely by developers and stuff… I actually had a job interview with them a couple years ago… yet another a collaboration tool, but all the rage apparently…

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