Jumping off the Windows Ledge

I can sympathize with that.
Get a USB- ethernet dongle … assuming you have a modem to connect to.
It might get you a temporary ethernet link just to do the install

Mostly, but not always, I’ve come across USB ethernet dongles that don’t work “out of the box” with any Linux distro (never mind proprietary binary blobs Debian won’t install) - i.e. if you want to use it - grab the source code and compile it… I usually give up at that point… seems pointless to me… $15 device that doesn’t work in Linux? Chuck it in a box and find one that does work out of the box on Linux… This situation isn’t quite as bad as with WiFi, but it’s still “there”…

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Yes, been there with Wifi. Have one machine with 2 Wifi dongles, one of which works with Debian, and other works with Void.

I get along fine with Ubuntu flavors and Ubuntu-derived distros. I don’t buy hardware that doesn’t work with Ubuntu. Why buy trouble?

Arch can exist without me, since I see nothing it does that Ubuntu won’t do. Computer users have the lovely freedom of not giving a shit about the imaginary prestige that using Arch seems to confer.

Yes, but we can feel sorry for them

OH!!! Do not feel sorry for us Arch/Gentoo users, we just love a challenge!!!

I did not include Gentoo. It is entirely different to Arch

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Not really, Gentoo uses a lot of Arch packages, just in a different format.

Yeah, but if you want to compile, there is not much choice… Gentoo or LFS. I suppose you can compile any distro, but they are not set up for it.
Arch… there are now lots of better alternatives if you just want rolling release.

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Maybe!! I ran Arch for several years, a few years back, had to have some surgery, and by the time I got back, it was so out of date, that it had to be put down!!! Other than that it I really had no issues.

They use Arch on SystemRescueCD… there it is frozen ( no updates) and very cut down. I guess any Linux would do for that.

I just keep hearing that its updates are more unstable than other rolling release distros. Dont have any personal experience to back that up.