Just a small note

Dear friends,
Fist of all, I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to ALL OF YOU for what I’ve learned with you all over these few months

As you may already know my English is kinda bad, really bad and I always appreciate when someone corrects me, really. Usually my son corrects my posts before I send them to the forum BUT with my approval - it’s a matter of respect!

I realized some of my posts have been grammatically corrected or changed without my approval - and I’m wondering why?

In my opinion, its polite to ask permission first, before changing others’ things even if they’re wrong or mistyped…

If my posts needed any changes, you could have simply asked - I would have said immediately “Yes, please do it, thank you!”

All of my life I have tried to be a fair person and don’t like to create nuisance
Lately, I’ve been greatly ill and some small things like this can distress me a lot, so I’m leaving the forum for now.

I hope that all of you can keep this friendly Linux community thriving

I hope to see you soon.

Best of luck for your project and thank you once again for your invitation

Thank you for everything

Jorge Augusto


Good luck my friend, and hope you are able to recover your health.

Easter 2016, I spent 7 days in ACU, and it took a long time to recover, well the old ticker (the heart, English slang) will never be the same again. hey ho.


Edit explain slang word usage


So sorry to hear about that… I hope you’ve been recovering well
Thank you so much for your kind words, my friend

I politely ask you to remove your like. Many thanks

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@Tech_JA I don’t understand.

deleted by author today


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I was convinced that everyone would perceive it like that. Never would I think that a clear minded person could misunderstand correcting a simple spelling error. I even tried to only correct the most obvious errors that immediately jumped into my eyes. I’d be grateful if someone would correct my errors, as I sometimes tend to write a lot of text and errors probably happen.

I think perhaps, we should all act with caution, because we never know what a person is going through. Our actions might be meant in all good intent, yet sometimes they’re not seen that way. I know it is a lesson that I have had to learn. As you say we make mistakes when we are writing so, perhaps even if it grates on us a bit, as long as the meaning is clear we should just let them be. Just my thoughts and feel free to disagree.


Thanks for your input over the months , and hope your health issues are better for you very soon. We will look forward to the day when your back here with us again. You help enrich the forum. All my best until we hear from you again.


i couldn’t agree more.


I teach ESL for a living, and have been in that world for many years. The standard reaction I get from students is, they want their mistakes corrected because they are afraid errors make them look stupid. I would have done exactly as @Akito had done, assuming that it was a light touch.
When someone objects to edits, it is usually a case when the writer’s voice becomes the editor’s. Jorge’s (@Tech_JA) voice is so distinctive, I cannot imagine that being lost. His writing always had that genteel, dignfied tone, which I for one greatly appreciated. Even when I had no involvement in the thread, I enjoyed reading them.


Yesterday I didn’t found how to delete my account…

Today, when I opened the email and I received some emails from you with your posts of this topic and it was not fair I not reply to you.

I’m sorry but I need to do a short summary:

  • I’m 50 years old, my severe asthma has evolved since 4 years ago, I never smoked, I’m taking cortisone practically monthly and now was diagnosed a depression 1 month ago but last Friday it increased significantly
  • In my way of living, everything I do has my signature implicit on it even with errors - I’m not perfect. If someone wants to change my work ask first and I give my approval change it. This it happens in my job too and I do the same - I ask before change the work of someone

My friend @Akito, I really appreciate if you correct my errors, I would be grateful for that and I don’t have nothing against to you, really.
I learn a lot form you and I consider you as my friend, but the problem here is tha’ts you do it without ask for do it. For me, it’s a simple matter of respect, even if it was wrong or incorrect

My friend @anon56357095 said:

He’s totally right but for he, not for my way of thinking

From now, all of you have my permission the change my work after ask me for it .

yesterday, after wrote this topic was a really bad day for me and I will keep here because I really like this community

My friends @ElectricDandySlider and @01101111,
All I can say to both of Is thank you for very much, you know why!

my friend @kc1di,
Thanks for your words
I really enjoy to share/obtain information. I don’t know If you remember how it was difficult to gathering information before having internet.That’s the reason I like the open forums with friendship community where we can share all knowledge

My friend
Thank you for your post
After read your post, I had must to come here to say thank you for your kind words - It really means to me and even you don’t know, your post was one of the things who encouraged me “Restart again”…

And last,to close this topic, I need to say THANK YOU to my son André who literally removed the keyboard from my hands when was writing the topic only I was calm down, he wrote that I told him to write, and even then we spent almost an hour discussing this subject

Just for that, you can see how important this subject is to me.

Jorge Augusto


thank you both Jorge and André for coming back to share your thoughts and wisdom :slight_smile: your wish to have your words dealt with in a manner that is respectful to you is important and far more valid than anyone else’s justification for changing them.

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Hello Jorge,

I am sorry to hear about your health condition.

As far the editing is concerned, it’s a general practice among the forums on the internet. Moderators edit the posts so that other members could read and understand it (as long it doesn’t change the meaning and tone of the original post). But I understand that this is something you don’t like. We’ll try to keep in mind your preference in future.

I wish you good health and hope that you recover soon.

I am closing this thread because that’s what you wanted to do.


Dear @abhishek
If it’s a commonly used practice and you intend to use it here please don’t open an exception to me - I accept it as a forum rule
I wasn’t aware of it and that’s why I complained

If you wish, you may close the topic

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