Just a suggestion: If you have a problem and you manage to solve it with the help of the community please say how

We all know how helpful our community is as I have personally found out. I would like to make a suggestion for wider discussion and that is this: If you have a problem and it is is solved, apart from saying it is solved, please tell us all here how it has been solved. I think this would be very helpful to any who might have a similar or the same problem.

Perhaps, we might need a different section (if possible) with the answers there and perhaps we can keep a count on how many are solved as a result of the community. I really don’t know.

So these are my thoughts - do you have any? As this is not really a problem wanting a definite answer I shall leave it open


Good call.
It’s obvious, I think, but some users may forget to give the solution, because they are just so happy to have the problem solved…
In such a case , maybe one can kindly ask the thread starter to complement the thread with the solution.


I already saw a few topics where OP mentioned that he/she solved the issue. It would have been better to share the details of the solution.


That is indeed a good practice, everyone should consider following.