Kali Linux Change Root User to Kali User

i am old kali user.now i use kali 2020.1.but i am still root user not kali .how i can change root to kali.plz help.

Hello and welcome.
Are you using Kali as a standard day-to-day distro (working system)?

They changed the way a user is always “root”.
The standard user “kali” has the pw “kali”.
On installation you have the possibility to create a standard user as you wish.
See also here: https://www.kali.org/news/kali-default-non-root-user/

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thank you…i solved it.

Could you explain your solution, so further readers can profit from it? Thank you.

set a user,password,run it as administor.open terminal and reboot( can be skipped).
log in your user and password,then you can install all software safely.