Kali Linux in Virtualbox 6.1 on Mint Linux machine

There may be a simple solution for this problem, but I’m a new linux user and don’t know the answer. I followed the instructions in the video to install Kali linux in Virtualbox 6.1, which is the latest version. I get two invalid setting statements. One says the USB either needs an extension from Oracle or to be disabled. The other one says the hardware virtualization in the acceleration section of the systems page needs to be disabled, but there is no way I can see to disable it.

Please instruct.
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Coud you elaborate which instructions you refer to?

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Can you try Gnome Boxes

I have noticed in my PC that GNOME Boxes runs faster.

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You need to install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.1.18.vbox-extpack It will update this to the latest Eoan version, when you right click it and open it with Virtualbox after Download.
After this go into menu of Mint and type in the search field users, a app called users and groups will pop up, left click it. Next left click the tab that says Manage Groups, then scroll down the left hand window till you get to Vboxusers, on the right panel left click properties, put a tick in the box next to your name in the properties window, left click OK or press enter on your keyboard, pop in your password. reboot your Linux Mint, fire up Virtualbox go into settings add your USB either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

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Here is the link to the latest Eoan version of Virtualbox

Wish that Oracle would have inbuilt extensions, instead of having to faff about all the time with system properties to activate the extensions after installing them, in Users And Groups. The 18.04 version of Virtualbox was excellent, the 5.2 one which was out of the box in Synaptic Package Manager.
Had it’s own Dark Theme built in, screen resolutions were out of the bag, no matter what Linux you installed. Unfortunately it does not work in 20.04.