Kde full remove from ubuntu

i want to remove kde from buntu
i installed the ful version but dont want it now
please help me to completely remove it
i did
sudo apt remove kde-full
sudo apt autoremove
still some apps and the theme is present

please help me to completely remove it

thank you in advance

Restore the snapshot!
pls rst the snapshot

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is it safe?
will it not delete my windows?
i have snapshot on timeshift

You have to find the way :slight_smile:

Safer then installing a DE, then removing it, then install another, then removing it, etc…
The most safe thing I can imagine :smiley:
“will it not del my windows?”
It won’t.

Duck duck go is your firend:

thank you
will do and reply
just sending ss of the settings when i click restore
and also the disks

the windows partition and new volume are imp
else are of ubuntu and mint
sda 6 mint
sda 7 ubuntu

kindly reply if they are correctly setup

Seems to be OK.
(I have to fill at least 20 chars)