Keep Linux Mint on old HDD and fresh install Windows on new SSD

My system is Acer E5-475G, dual boot (Windows and Linux) on one HDD.

I want to upgrade to SSD SATA (Crucial MX500) and plan for clean install (no cloning from HDD).

I want to install old HDD with all the data and OS on optical drive using HDD caddy.

Is it okay, while at most time, I run Windows on SSD and access all the data on HDD, and when necessary, I boot on HDD to access my old data on Linux?

Is it okay for the computer?

I hope you get what I mean.


Are you saying you are going to clean install Windows on the SSD and keep the HDD?

Clean install windows on SSD. Yes

Keep HDD. Yes. But this HDD currently has two OS. Windows 10 and Linux Mint. And I plan to replace DVD drive with this HDD. Can I still run Linux on this HDD by changing boot order?

And is it okay/not harm the computer?

Clean install windows to SSD, no problem, as long as you have a product key for activation.
Replace DVD with HDD!!! Why?