Keyboard doing unexpected things since update? FIXED - for now?

Hi, this is second time I’ve had this problem.
A kernel update fixed it last time several months ago (plus fixed some other issues)
This time I haven’t had related updates that would affect fonts or keyboards. (as far as I know?) Everything was working fine until Wednesday 15th Dec 2021 when I last checked and updated ‘everything’
I regularly check for security updates and usually check for other updates after doing security fixes.
I thought it was just Google as it usually happens on You Tube comments but today I was trying to reply to the different languages question on forum (specifically to Akito’s post)
Anyway, the issue is, various other apps or even new windows will open at random while typing. Thunderbird mail and Screenshot are most common but often the entire window will reload to Yahoo home screen and I loose everything I just typed (and being a one finger typist means it’s very frustrating)
I’m copying this every few lines so I won’t have to completely start over if it does ‘freak out’
Well, I looked at various things with inxi and found a few errors reported but have no idea where to start looking for solution?
It just happened again as I attempted to paste output, switched to Yahoo homepage. Luckily, back button worked and the draft auto saved.
Help! (please and thank you)

This is starting to smell like a bad circuit trace in your system.
If I were you, I’d get a new HDD, replace it for the current HDD and reinstall EVERYTHING. If it still does it then replace the whole system. PC’s are pretty cheap these days. Trying to find the exact fault will put you in a padded room pretty quick.

Pretty cheap or not I can’t afford anything new. I was laid off in 2011, had herniated disc’s from a work accident, had surgery in 2013 and it’s been ongoing ever since.
Trying to get any job where I’m not classes as disabled is next to impossible (either standing for extended periods isn’t possible or lifting more than about 35lbs)
I should probably get my desktop working as I haven’t used it for a couple of years and it’s much faster than this old laptop. (3.16 Xeon) The hard drive in laptop is a new replacement probably a year old.
There were a few new updates sent out last week and things seem ‘fixed’ again so I still think it’s a software issue as it doesn’t happen after every update but seems to be ‘fixed’ with a new update a week or so later.
Probably a conflict somewhere since a few times I pressed ’ - ’ and got ’ 000 ’ (or maybe 0000 ?)
Hitting ESC closes things. not sure if 0000 asci for a dash?