Keyboard not working properly on Windows10 after dual booting Ubuntu

I’ve installed Ubuntu 16.04 and after that Space, Enter, Backspace keys are notworking in Windows 10. Initially I faced the same problem when I installed 20.04, thought of using a lower version to just give it a shot, but no use. I’ve tried restarting the drivers for Keyboard in Windows10 but no use, no new updates, the same situation after disabling the driver and restarting PC. When I have removed Ubuntu 20.04 and cleaned the grub, only then the keys were working good.
I’m very sure that keyboard is working good because the same keys are working good inUbuntu. I’m typing this using on-screen keyboard in Windows10. Can anyone please help me on this?
My PC: HP Pavilion G6.

Could you open a text editor and keep pressing a key like “h” for example and Enter alternatively, while you are tilting and moving the laptop very slowly?

Just tried, enter key wasn’t functioning, got a straight line of ‘h’ :sweat_smile:

May be a misleading direction but in Windows I would want to run scans of the system as not sure connection to Linux as in theory they are not connected
So in Windows
Would be interested in the results and knowing if the Windows system is clean before tooling further
The above have free versions, install, run, fix issues, then remove… unless you want to pay, but that is down to you. Bit like if they find something then you know they work so worth paying.

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Agree Don’t see how the two could be connected. It would be like if someone said. “I can cook a hot dog in the microwave, but If I put a hamburger in it, some numbers on the touch pad don’t work.”

Thanks, I’ll scan my PC with any of the above tools and get back.