Kindle Fire wont connect


Since moving from Ubuntu 16.04 to Kubuntu 18.04 Ive not had to load files on my kindle. I find now that when I plug it in I can no longer access it to load files. Before - it just worked. Is this a kde thing or something that was removed thing?


Please make sure that you have selected MTP mode in the Kindle settings when you connect the cable.

If it doesn’t work even after that, try using a tool like gMTP:


Tried that before posting here.
It didnt see it either.
Thankfully my laptop is still 16.04 and I uploaded my files for reading so I could do work on my trip.


If you just want to load eBooks in your Kindle, you can email it to your Kindle as well. I prefer this way.


True, and that works for some documents but for others is a problem. Its a unnecessary step.


i know it doesn’t exactly solve your issue, but you could live boot a regular ubuntu 18.04 image to see how it interacts with your kindle.


Had an issue like yours with my Kindle Paperwhite when I tried to connect it with Calibre on my Ubuntu 18.04 system. I could not see the Kindle at all.

I pursued a fix like you but could not find anything that seemed to fit. I did find others who were having the same experience on Linux and WIndows. I dropped it since using Calibre was not critical to my use of the Kindle.

Jump ahead a few weeks and my Kindle goes through a software upgrade. Now when I plug it into my PC, it is visible as a disk drive and to Calibre.

The moral is to make sure your device is at the latest release level. Best of luck!


It is already on the latest update.

Works fine still with my Ubuntu 16.04 laptop.
Frustration though.