Kubuntu 21.10 dual boot problems, bitlocker or something [solved]

Hello guys, i need your help…

I just buy a laptop (HP 14s FQ1032AU) with windows 10 home single language installed from factory…

Then I installed kubuntu (dual boot), it runs well when i turned on my laptop and choose kubuntu, but the problem is when i choose windows at boot options, next time if i want to use my laptop, it will not showing boot options again, it will straightly booting into windows…

I try to reinstall linux (few different distros), it’s still happened, everytime i choose windows, i will never see my linux again in boot options…

Please help me…

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Prince Akito! You saved my life. I was totally blown away at the way Win10 kept overpowering ubuntu grub and really hate to use internet on Win10.

The simple command, at the TechWiser link you’ve shared above, saved me! Now my laptop loads ubuntu grub menu options first. Brilliant!

I cannot thank you enough!! Thank you! Thank you!!

Great, that your problem is solved.
Please set @Akito 's answer as solution and edit the thread’s title with [solved].
So anyone with the same problem can see, that there’s possible a solution.

Umm…I don’t think I can do that. You’ve to be a mod/admin to do that. Tried clicking on the title and I don’t get any options to modifiy it.

Please advise.

No problem

I did that for you.

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