Lack of deja-dup feedback during restore

I’m in the midst of moving from Ubuntu to Manjaro. Despite wanting to reuse my ext4 partition, the Manjaro installer insisted on reformatting it, so I needed to restore my /home/skip directory from backup. “No problem,” I thought. I had created a backup yesterday and a final backup before running the installer.

The only feedback deja-dup gives me is when it’s actually restoring files. It’s been at least an hour since it last reported restoring any files. Duplicity isn’t running and (according to gdb’s bt command) deja-dup is just sitting in the main event loop. Top shows essentially no CPU usage unless I move the mouse pointer over the application. It’s not at all obvious that it has more to do, but the Restoring dialog is still there, so maybe it’s still working its way back through older backups.

Is there some way to provoke more progress output from deja-dup in the future?