LAN issues - strange behavior

my old hp-laptop get strange behavor with network (receiving data from internet.
i tested different cable, slots at the switch, networkcards and different connections. always the same bug.

i open firefox browser > the side is loading > if i want to open a other side, i have to reconect the network (only clicking on the same or other networkconnection in the same range)
i open jdownloader to download a episode from a serie
the download works without disconnecting for 2-4 min. and drop. then reconect and go.
at the same time (jd is downloading) the next side in the browser opens only if i reconect. and also opens without problem the next side but not the video, only if i reconect.

i can’t find a solution, not even a idee where the problem can be.
all other laptops works fine on the same router. (its router > WLAN via antenna > LAN switch > LAN laptop)


You tested a couple of different ways of making it better and nothing worked. Did you also try to use that laptop the same way at an entirely different location? In a different city, perhaps?

no, why ?
the other laptop on the same place works but this broken one on the other places dont work.
it will be useless to go in other citys.
strange idea, where comes from ?

Because it can still be a fault with how the connection is set up on the Laptop, even if all others work…

without changing anything the prblm was here from one day to a other. only in one device (old).
… if this will be the prblm, how can i fix it ? i could try, to see if it works. . . . . .
ones i saw shortly somthing like “its missing some entry in a file or missing file”, what can i check ?
or can i copy a file from a other laptop to paste it there ?
from where can it come so coincidentally ?
do you see a possible reason

There is a million answers to this. It could even be something like a half-broken LAN socket on the device.

Yes. Probably a misconfiguration or a hardware issue.

thank you
how can i check a misconfiguration and how can it change without doing anything on this device ?
wich file could be involved ? to compare with others.

hardware issue > not possibel. i tried with different LANcabel and also with extern networkdevice via USB = same issue.

Using jDownloader is the definition of “doing something”.

Laptop are hardware, too. USB slots, as well. Additionally, drivers are needed to make the communication between hard- and software work, properly.

USB-Network and Laptop Network are two different things and makes absolute the same issue.
also two different drivers, both into kernel integrated (checked in the internet) and nothing was changed.
the software jd i use now for many years without prblms on all my devices. (is jd precarious in your opinion?)
the driver for the internal broadcom is in the kernel already (I had read) and a other proprietär is not clicked on (should i try?)
do you have a workaround for this issue ? or things to try ? maybe some query commando lines to look for ?
maybe install a new distro ?
on Live-Distros mostly everything works fine but after installing is different.

It definitely won’t help to mix a lot of different things into a single pot. This is just confusing.

It’s better to go over the things, one by one.

Additionally, I would recommend to stop assuming that everything is fine and “nothing” was changed, when clearly something changed. Something does not work, but it worked before, so this is not true:

What external network device did you try to use over USB?
What Laptop exactly is it?
What are the other Laptops?
What Specs do they have?
How old are they?
How are they used?
What are the differences between the Laptops?
Maybe there is a big difference between the one not working and all the other working ones.

So, does networking work when using Live Distribution or not?

If you want to go over all the points in detail, you need to provide a ton more information than you currently provide.

As I already tried to point out, it does not make any sense to try random stuff, without diagnosing the problem first. First, we need to find out, what the problem is, by logically deducting, where we can find it. Just looking randomly for something random to be broken is like trying to crack a password using a dictionary attack. It takes a long amount of time and even then, it still might not work, in the end…

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