Learning CS by reading linux’s documentation

Could I learn computer science (including coding) only by reading archlinux’s documentation.

Thank you for your time

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In addition to that, it’s close to impossible to learn a programming language by reading anything. Even if you read all programming tutorials in the world, you won’t be able to program.
To learn a programming language, you have to use it. There is no way around that. No magic. No Voodoo. No free real estate.
You have to practice. A lot.


Computer science is far more than coding.

Reading alone will not teach you anything.

With the Arch Linux documentation, you will probably learn something about how to install and work with an operating system. If you do some exercises, you might be able to write some shell scripts. This can be very useful, but don’t expect too deep insights.

If you want to learn how to code, some theoretical knowledge about computer science will come in handy. If you want a quick start into coding, follow @Akito’s advice above:


Documentation helps you a lot in programming but when you won’t apply theory into real world no sorry you cannot learn the things included in it .
#2 CS is a very broad topic and there so msny things there .If you want to learn something start with absolute basics of programming. Try to stick to one language first and then move to another
#3 . Arch Linux Documentation is merely a OS Installation Guide it won’t teach you CS for sure .


My income is from teaching English. All of us native speakers find grammar books a necessary burden.

Documentation serves largely the same purpose as those accursed grammar books. They are most useful when you make a mistake. After you either make a mistake or find a strange usage, you go to the source to find out what’s going on. They are not useful to figure out what is going on BEFORE stuff happens.


@cliffsloane One of the biggest mistakes the beginner who are just starting their journey they seem like :

Oh Yes I want to learn Web Development Systems stuff yes please Java , Kotlin . I WANT TO LEARN EVERYTHING AT ONCE IN MATTER OF DAYS !!!

And they end up something like this :

Making random errors or mixing concepts of two languages


PS : If you’re getting 2 much distracted by jumping one tutorial to another switch off your network connection and then do what you want to learn .