Learning RedHat (RHCSA)

I am working as system admin.
I found a nice job with a good salary but they need me to be familar with Redhat.
Please advise me how and from where shall I start.

Thank you so much

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You should start with how to run commands in Terminal

Thank you so much for your swift reply.
Is there a recommended tutorial or some youtube videos please?

You can consider this Twitter Handle
Linux Commands :penguin:

Also Yes you should learn Bash Scripting and How to do certain troubleshooting tasks .
Bash Scripting is useful in certain scenarios where you have to use Command Line extensively to install anything .

Core Internals , How Linux System works etc

Linux Seb has number of excellent threads to make you familiar with Linux .

this site may be of help also. And if your really serious you should get your Redhat certification start here (But it will cost)

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