Let Pix remove duplicate pictures for you

I don’t know about you, but I find that over the years I have tons of duplicate pictures in my picture fold which is stupid as I only want one of them and they take up a lot of space on the disk. I started to go through them and thought there has has to be an easier way and there is.

I have only used Pix to import photos until now, but then I looked at what it can also do, If you click on Edit at the top and scroll down you come across find duplicates click on that and the folder you want it to search and it will do the rest for you.

The first time you do it, it will take some time to complete, if you have many duplicates as I had, but once it is done you’ll only have the one copy of the picture you want on your system. You can check by running this again, if you want to do, but it is not necessary to do it.

So there you are a relatively simple solution to all those duplicate picture files

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Is that duplicate filename based?

Yes it is, sorry if I didn’t make it clear - it finds the same photo file and says you’ve got so many and asks if you want to delete them or not. I had about 4 of each which were taking up 8 Gigs of space in total now I only have one it about 1 Gig

If it does it filename based, it does not assure that these are actually 2 different images. There are programs that compare how the images look like and you can set up how strict or lose the matching should be.

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I know that, but this was just something I discovered the other day and it has done the job I wanted it to. There are probably better tools out there for those who need them, I have back ups of all my photographs it was just those I put on my system I wanted sorting. I am sure that you probably know of better tools if others need them :grinning:

There is a linux program called Speedy Duplicate File Finder that is excellent.It is not in the regular repositories. Strangely you have to download it from online but it is free and it is very fast

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Thank you for the suggestion,perhaps a link might help us to find it quicker
if you don’t mind doing it for us

Hi there.
There’s another cool tool to get rid of duplicate files: DupeGuru
Just sayin’…

Fast Edi

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