I installed LibreOffice this morning, on a Toshiba Satellite laptop running fully updated Ubuntu 18.04. Since the It’s FOSS newsletter was so enthusiastic about the latest release, I thought it had to be worth a try.
It took me a while to set it up with my own preferences, and then I resumed work on the book I’m currently editing. It seemed fast and responsive. And then I needed to add a ‘special sort’ (or ‘Special Character’) to the text. There’s a handy pop-up box with your ‘favourites’ - half a dozen so, which I never use - and an option for the full set. I clicked the button and this happened:

There was no way to close this window, so I had to force a shutdown - losing the last hour’s work - and then reinstall version 6.1. All in all, this exercise has cost me about £50’s worth of work today. I’ll hold fire on the new release until this is sorted out. I’ll just leave this here in case anyone has come across the same problem.


Hi. I’ve been using LO 6.2 and getting on ok. I just tried to make your letter crash happen, but I can’t!!. Sorry this isnt much help but someone who knows more help. Hope you get an answer soon


Okay, thanks. I had to bite the bullet and uninstall it, because I’d lost enough productive time today. Even if it was just a one-off glitch, I couldn’t take the risk of it happening again. I’ll try again in a few weeks (preferably when I’m not under a deadline) and see how I get on.


Don’t know the answer to this question, but sometimes it is better to wait rather than up dating right away. I don’t know if this link will help if not as long as you have saved your work it might be better to uninstall and wait until it comes through on the Ubuntu updates. I think @abhishek gave this advice some time ago on another updating


I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, to be honest. I’ve now installed it from the PPA, so I’ll wait for the updated version to filter through and see how that goes. I’m not usually an early adopter but Abishek was so enthusiastic in the newsletter that I fell for the hype. :wink:


Don’t blame you. I have done that and run into problems with a previous version - I can’t remember which one. I think the answer was to completely remove the old version through Synaptic package manager then install the new version.


Yeah, I ended up purging everything and reinstalling from the PPA. If I could get away with a handful of special sorts I wouldn’t have had a problem. But this book contains a number of Vietnamese words; the book before last included a big chunk of Icelandic; the next one will probably have obscure words as well. I really couldn’t work without being able to access the full range. Bit of a pain, when you take it all into consideration.


Let us know how you get along with this. When you get a solution perhaps you’d be kind enough to post it on here, so it is added to our knowledge base. Thanks in advance


I certainly will. Thanks for your suggestions - I’ll keep you posted.


It is generally a good advise to use a stable version if you really can’t afford any error. For normal day to day usage, using stable is mostly not necessary.