LibreOffice 6.2

Just deleted` Libre Office 6.1.4, using Package Manager.

Being a bit adventurous, I then downloaded the .DEB files as per the article:

Note this is not from the repositories as it hasn’t yet shown up there yet

then, I unziped it, opened the Deb folder, right clicked inside that folder and selected open terminal, then ran ‘sudo dpkg -i *.deb’ without the quotation marks. One mistake I made was to create a folder named “DEBS” THERE SHOULD NOT BE 4 CHARACTERS… DROP THE “S”. … IT’S “deb”. lower case
I renamed the folder and it ran nicely, until my invisible elephant got hungry, and with his trunk, hit the keyboard…pushing on the Ctl and C keys simultaneously!!

So… I had to go back to the DEB dir, and opening another terminal, started it again. It picked up right where it left off.
( is that another “feature” ?) :smirk:

I haven’t had time to play with the programs yet, But I do (very much) like the new look and new Icons! I opened just the Write and Calc and looked at data I had accumulated in the old L.O.
It was right there just as I had entered it.

Thanks to Abhishek, for the great Newsletter! I look forward to reading it .

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