LibreOffice 6.3 freezing

I posted a note with a similar subject line recently and, following the advice I received, upgraded my system and the application in question. Now I am running Linux Mint 19.2 Tina, desktop Cinnamon 4.2.4, and Libreoffice

Calc freezes very often. Not at regular intervals; it can work happily for a couple of days and then freeze several times in a couple of hours (now is one such period). It may seem to be in response to my pressing two keys in very close succession (for example Shift+DownArrow and then Shift+UpArrow), but this wasn’t the case the last time around.

And it’s not generally due to lack of memory. On some occasions System Monitor tells me that a third of the memory is free and stays free. Although on others LibreOffice freezes first and then proceeds to slowly claim all the remaining free memory, then the swap as well, eventually slowing down the entire system.

Is there anything I can do to diagnose the situation when it occurs? Or is reverting to LibreOffice 6.1 (which didn’t behave in this way, I seem to I remember) the only way to get some work done?

Are you running anything else at the same time and do you have Java enabled ? If you have Java enabled disable it. The latest version not so you could try an upgrade again. I can’t recall any other have the problem, but a google search might help with that for you.
Sorry can’t think of anything else at the moment

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I had the same issue and replacing my video card with a much better one fixed the issue.

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in regards to your diagnosis question, mint 18.3 has a system log viewer (i would imagine 19 has the same or similar). in the menu i just type “log” and it shows up as “System Log”. in the left panel “syslog” is listed. clicking on that gives you a look at the system log before you launched it (it does not update in real time), but you need to scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the most recent entries.

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+1. I keep Java disabled until I have to use it. Too many vulnerabilities in it from everything I’ve read?

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That’s good that you have disabled that. I still can’t find another with this problem after doing a search or looking back through my notes to see if I had come across it before. Perhaps the best place for you to go to now is here; which is one of the main pages for Libre Office


Firefox, most of the time.
I use LibreOffice now. I disabled Java in LibreOffice; I also switched off Summary on search (under Calc|View|Window), because on some occasions the freezing followed a Find & Replace in a large spreadsheet (
Problem still obtains, at irregular intervals; not at all on some days, half a dozen times on others.

Meaning that Linux requires special hardware in order to run? I thought not doing so was one of its major virtues.

Thing is, someone has tried doing that and received a discouraging reply ( The worst thing in my situation is that I, like te poster there, can’t say much more than ‘… hangs randomly’: the circumstances can be very different (last time it happened, about an hour ago, even /var/log/syslog seems not to have noticed anything).

have you tried a different version to see if that helps? i updated my 19.2 vm and saw that it has version

I uninstalled 6.3 and went back to, and all was well for a fortnight, until – a quarter of an hour ago – LibreOffice froze again. This time it was Writer, not Calc, that I was using at the time. I looked at System Monitor — the CPU wasn’t very busy and the memory was not full. Looked at /var/log/syslog — nothing remarkable there either.
I think I’ll try another downgrade; I have handy.

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