LibreOffice download from Flatpak or .deb file

I want to download LibreOffice latest version
Should I download the .deb file or the Flatpak??
Also, will the .deb file get updates from the system itself, or I will need to remove the old one and then download the newer version from the web??

Thank You!!

I saw that
there only it shows the option of flatpak/.deb

I am first gonna remove the preinstalled one because its older

It’s that for Ubuntu?
As I hate Flatpak as well as Snaps, I’d install .deb package.
For Ubuntu, there’s the fresh ppa:

But this is kinda “unstable”, develoment version of LO.
For everyday use I’d add
ppa, then apt update and upgrade.
LO should be updated.


But I have deleted the default LibreOffice.

The question I am feeling that if I install .deb from their website.,
Will it get updated in the system itself or will I need to reinstall LibreOffice every time after updates are released?

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It depends. Speaking generally about installing a .deb package via dpkg or gdebi, which is not available in the currently set up repositories, I’d say it will NOT be updated via apt upgrade.
Example: I install Davinci resolve via dpkg -i from the .deb file, which was the output of Daniel Tufvessons makeresolvdeb script :wink:

That will never be updated, unless I do install over it another version.

On the other hand, if the post-install script in the .deb does some action, which ensures it will be updated with the rest of the system via apt update; apt upgrade then it will be upgraded…
Behind that is that installing such a .deb file also adds the repository which contains that .deb and will contain the newer updated versions of that package in the future. An example of that behavior is Skype and Google Chrome. Installing them via dpkg or gdebi results in having those packages installed, but also having their repositories added.

I’m on Debian, not Ubuntu, and I use the Debian port of LO from the backports repo. I’m satisfied with it.
Just say this, to make it clear that I won’t look deeper for ppa’s or such :wink:

So regarding your question, I don’t know how exactly LO .deb behaves, but if I had to guess I’d say it won’t be updated via ‘apt update’ if you install it the ‘dpkg -i’ way.

You can reinstall, but totally unnecessary. Just install the newer package over the existing one.
There will be no difference :wink:

Or even better, use a repository which holds the LO packages. This will be the most safe and convenient.

No problem
I used flatpak

Thank you

I run Debian stable at work and use Flatpak for all of my software whenever possible to have the most up-to-date applications with the rock solid stability Debian offers.