Link to main page on forum

Might be nice to insert a link somewhere to ItsFOSS homepage.

Easier said than done, i’m sure!

It is on the top menu and on the right sidebar.

What can be done to make it more visible?

I think he means a link placed on — to ---->
Is it there already?
I did not find, however I’m fine with bookmarked.

Never mind. I found it :smiley:

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Yes. It is already linked from every page on the website. It is on the header, bottom footer and in the sidebar.

Under which…?

Alright. I mistook it. The link to the main website from the forum.

Hmm … I have to figure out a way to do that.


“Easier said than done…”

Bookmarking page is good, but a visitor may find it handy.

I have It’s FOSS Community as a shortcut icon on my Panel, to open with Firefox. Saves searching or cluttering up Firefox’s bookmark links. I’m using XFCE Linux Mint Ulyssa. Quite easy to do and if you don’t want the shortcuts on your panel, you can add them to your menu. I have no idea how to do it in any other environment. If anybody would like a tutorial to do it in XFCE I’d be happy to do one. Pictures below of panel and in menu.

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Love your icons and dark theme to go with it! :slight_smile:

Bookmarks with hotkeys are handy too!

Just like to see a webpage with all related pages linked in.
MX is a good example for that.

What you can do with Firefox is sign in using your email address and password. Have Firefox remember your passwords, for as long as you’re using Duck Duck Go as your search engine and totally switch off Google, you’ll be fine. Setup bookmarks across the top, you could even have It’s Foss Community as your home page, if you wanted to? I have mine setup with a bit of HTML code for Duck Duck Go with my own Ubuntu Studio Logo Wallpaper behind it. Got fed up of having to change the Wallpaper for every OS I run. So every time I go to a different OS it’s setup the same. If you want keyboard shortcuts to different sites, then I’m sure Firefox has you covered there as well? To go on with here is a picture of my homepage, it opens Firefox really fast, because it’s reading from my system rather than going to a website itself. If you want the code I’m using let me know and I’ll do a video tutorial on it. Within the HTML code I can add It’s Foss Community link Icon as well. If you want Firefox to open fast, as fast as Chrome then using HTML code is the best way.

The dark theme I made using a template from Peppermint OS, all I done was change the name and colours in GIMP. I also replaced the colour number in the main GTK script inside the theme folders. Unfortunately after Mark Greaves passed away at the beginning of last year, I felt I had to move onto something else, but I wanted to take a bit of Mark with me, so I thought he would not mind me taking his theme with me and turning it into my own theme. It has a lousy name, it’s called Smooth. Which it is as it is made for XFCE no matter if I’m using GTK2, GTK3 it still runs perfectly, without griping.

The window decorations are different now as well, instead of red round the outside, a light grey colour instead, when window is not highlighted it darkens itself, pictures below. I use Nemo file manager as default in XFCE as Thunar has not got enough plugins out of the box. The icon theme is Sardi Ghost Flexible with a script already setup inside it, can choose different colours I chose grey to go with my theme. Sardi Icons from Arco Linux Arch Distro. I like a Distro that’s light and how I have my desktop setup suits the way I work. With everything to hand with a click of the mouse.

Mark Greaves showed the world of Linux that you can mix things up. With Peppermint he had XFCE environment, with LXDE and Nemo file manager, so a bit of Cinnamon in there too. I still don’t know why the Linux Mint team don’t have Nemo their own file manager as default, throughout their environments? It works in Mate too, Ubuntu Mate, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Deepin, Ubuntu Budgie, all the Manjaro Arch environments, Arco too. Debian, MX Linux, Buster, you name it it’ll work, though have not tried Gentoo and probably won’t.

While plans are still in the works to link this forum to the main page…

Maybe a link to “opinions” could be added to the main page?
Was reading an article on Android but wanted to follow up on the desktop and could not find a link to “opinions.”

Just a thought.

(btw - miss Mark Greaves!)