Linking or Macro (Libreoffice preferred)


Is there a tutorial for beginners that would help me start to use it.
I would like to use Libreoffice on Mint 19.1


Maybe you can start from here
And here for the macro thingy…


Thanks will look it over


i had been thinking about trying to figure out macros recently as well. thanks for the recommendation.


glad to help not sure if we can do it.


just having good resources to get info from is always a bonus for me. i haven’t played with macros in quite some time (and that was back in windows) so having a starting point is great :slight_smile:


For the benefit of those who don’t know - What is a Macro? @cordx



Thank @Akito:+1::+1:


whew! saved by the @Akito! :smiley: i saw your question @ElectricDandySlider in my email inbox and was struggling with figuring out the wording i would use to describe a macro. my days of teaching computer basics are a few decades in the past :slight_smile:


I am sure you could have done it - I’m just too old to remember things and there are some on here who might not know so I thought I’d ask :older_man::older_man:


i knew what i wanted to achieve in general (something along the lines of [columnA + columnB]*columnC) without having to type that in each specific row with a new row number, but it had been so long since i played with that in microsoft office that i wasn’t sure if it was technically a macro. i thought about trying to use a db and creating a form to automate all of that even further, but one look in base reminded me of how very minimal my knowledge of such things ever was. thus the return to considering macros.


@emit Any updates?


I think this is above my knowledge,


Good time to extend it then. :+1: