"Lintian errors"

I have no idea what this is. Using the direction of InkST I find this on the Gdebi installer. These are the Extension Files I Need to run InkSTitch. I also, once, found the same files in Root under Lock (and no key 4me).
Screenshot from 2022-02-11 13-43-52

What’s the problem? Please, elaborate.

I can not open institch in inkscape extensions. To be able to Embroider I need these Ext. I am confused as to how to get them into Inkscape.

I installed on Gdedi and thought the screen cap might be a clue. I will just keep reading on Linux stuff. I have all my other embroidery on an old computer with MS and I think I can continue life there when I need to.

Its okay, Until this Newbie-newbie finds a way; games on Gnome look fun. :smiley:

Usually is, but the size of the picture is way too small, so it’s hard to see what’s going on in there, plus the log is cut by half. You only see the beginning of lines, but not the end.

If it’s a foreign file type from the perspective of Inkscape, you perhaps need to look up in the first place, if that file format is supported.

That said, I am not sure how the log you provided is connected to a possibly incompatible file type. :thinking:

Told ya I was (too) new.
Thanks anyway, I will go back and check the Screen cap a/c I made it smaller, thinking anyone else could zoom. Too many years in Windows.
Thx JA

I found your post with second screenshot.
Would be better to keep posting in the same topic rather than starting new posts. Then people would find it easier.

The screenshot does not give me any clue.
Will have a look for the wanted extension/addon


Hey Neville

Somehow “reply” sends my correspondence back to me. Lets see what happens.

But, although I am not a quitter; this forum is just to Geek for me! Sometimes just gotta realize when ya need more understanding, regarding what you’re doing.

Actually, thought I discovered a new problem for a new post.

Thanks 4 helping! YOU have gone far and above…will the Geeks award you? I hope!


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I found these instructions

I followed this bit –

## Customization – Install Add-ons for Ink/Stitch

The Ink/Stitch extension provides a function called Install Add-Ons for Inkscape, which you should run first.

The execution of this function – *Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Thread Color Management > Install thread color palettes for Inkscape* – will take a while.

Do not become nervous as there is no progress bar or a similar thing to see.

This function will install 70 color palettes of various yarn manufacturers and a symbol library for Ink/Stitch.

If you use the download from Github version 2.0.0, the ZIP-file contains the color palette files. You only need to unpack them into the right directory (*~/.config/inkscape/palettes/*). If you need a [hoop template, you can download](https://inkstitch.org/assets/images/tutorials/templates/hoop-template.svg) one and save it to *~/.config/inkscape/templates*.

The next time you start Inkscape, you will find it under *File > New From Template*.

I tried this
It downloaded some things,
but there is nothing new in File - New from Template.
There is some stuff in ~/.config/inkscape/palettes

How about you have a go at this method and see if you have success.