Linux Antivirus

Has anyone seen a review or install this new antivirus from Microsoft that now support Linux?
I was kind of under the impression that an antivirus was really not needed for Linux.
Your opinion.

is there anything about viruses in particular that you are concerned about?

here is one write-up i found that gives a bit more information.

my take on windows releasing defender for linux and other platforms is mostly about an attempt to increase market share. of course embrace, extend and extinguish is also a possibility (also this).

my thought on virus protection in general (gathered from various sources) is that since the vast majority of installed software comes from distro repos as long as you trust your distro you trust the packages they are serving you are safe. articles like this (whether you agree with the choice or not) highlight the fact that distro maintainers/developers take a keen interest in what they include. add to that the fact that you need root (at least sudo) authentication to make most system changes means you will have to ok something that wants to make such a change.

for the first couple of years on linux i installed clamav on my systems, but found myself running it less and less until eventually i just didn’t install it once and never really looked back.


ClamAV is the standard anti-virus software one may run on Linux. It is being used in enterprise environments, however even then only when you want to take every security measure possible.

Generally, one does not need an anti-virus for Linux based operating systems.


I am with akito on this

Been using Linux for around 20 years and never seen a virus, with over 400 installed client machines.

Did have a couple who demanded a antivirus even though I assured them not needed, so put clamav on just to show and reassure. But never had one back with that type of issue.

Had to use clamav on Mac as a virus tool (although it’s called something else and could be to pay for) and works really well.

On Windows 10 now I only use and recommend defender for protection. But need other tools when get problems as it’s not 100 % reliable. I only see clients when they have problems so then it’s remove avg, avast, and other such tools that have failed, out with superantispyware, and malwarebytes, a touch of ccleaner … after all this I know why I changed to Linux.


Like some of the other writers, I ran ClamAV for years. It found malware on only one occasion and what it found was a couple of MS .doc files that had been tampered with. The only vulnerability was if I sent the files to someone who then used them in Windows. The exploit wouldn’t run in Linux.

And, also like the others, I no longer bother with this.


My only comment is during the test phase I could not get Defender to run under Linux. M$ had me do this and that but I saw it as very invasive and finally gave up and removed it. It was quite the process. And it always wanted to send data to M$ according to my Firewall.


Strikes me as absurd, somebody looking for another way to make some money.

I too have been running Linux non-stop for 20 years and never seen a virus. The only reason for antivirus on Linux is if you’re using it to run services for Windows lusers. :laughing: