Linux deleted everything on my computer after uninstall Chrome. How can I get them back?

After I tried to uninstall and reinstall Chrome with this following command;

sudo apt purge google-chrome-stable

rm -rf google-chrome

Suddenly, everything on my computer was gone, back to nothing, nothing as new, no file, no picture. I have no Testdisk or partition on my disk. How can I recover my file? Please help me!!! T~T

If you deleted all the dependencies, especially something like libc6 or something like that, then you basically purged the fundament of your LInux OS.

That said, never do anything dangerous without taking a backup first…


You entered

rm -rf

With this, the additional mention of google-chrome is irrelevant.
What you did was
rm = remove
-r = recursive (all subdirectories)
-f = force it to happen.
So wherever you were (I presume root), everything under that was removed with no chance to recover.
There is the slimmest possibility that recovery software, run from, say, a pendrive, could recover some of it. But in my experience, it will not preserve your original directory structure.
Wherever you saw that infamously nasty command, make sure you never go there again for advice.


Additionally to what already has been rightfully said, I don’t understand how you ignored all the warnings along the way.
If you really removed important system components through your commands, then at least the apt purge command has explicitly warned you about that happening, before entering Yes, do as I say! or something like that.

So, if you ignore all the warnings....................

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Linux didn’t delete it - you did…


People have said before, please back up any important stuff, to ie, external hard drive and unplug it from the machine you want to play with. Then do whatever, there are many os and distro you can re install, but important files are best stored away
Enjoy Linux, but beware


Thank you everyone :pray:. I haven’t read before pressed Y. T~T