Linux distro need advise?

I need a live version of Linux that will allow me to access / save in the installed distro’s files like, Documents,
Videos etc… Anything that would be in the Files Folder on the installed distro of Linux.
I know one exists as I had a copy about 1 year ago but don’t remember what it was.

I’m not exactly sure what your asking for?
If you just want to access the installed file system on a Linux Machine and copy files to say usb stick why would you need a live session to do that unless your system is broken?
Give us a little more information about what your trying to do.
There are several Distros that can be used as rescue disks. if that is what your looking for this page can help. Rescue Disks

I have a better result using live disks, meaning my PC does not lock as much and buffer when downloading something. A live disk is better for a few things, there is less to get corrupted if anything.
I do want-need access to the files on the default installed Linux OS though & like I said I know it is possible with a certain distro but i don’t remember what it is.

Given that I would suggest looking at antiX found here It can be made to have persistence. or there is aways puppy. found here, but it runs in root always and that can be a security risk. Good luck in your search. A better way may be to try a different installed distro. if you give us the details of your system we may be able to assist with that.

All this does not apply to a beginner trying to figure out a live distribution of Linux.

Just use an Ubuntu flavour’s live session.

Was it Knoppix?