Linux Gentoo Install

Reposting again
Not satisfied with closing of topics done by moderators
Not critizing anyone
Because there are few articles on this community.
Would you recommend some friendly Gentoo installation article so I can do learn the installation steps and do th installation easily ??

About the only thing that makes any sense is Gentoo Handbook.
Handbook:Main Page - Gentoo Wiki!!! Are you planning bare metal
or VM install?

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@4dandl4 Just to learn the installation steps and experience the operating system .

VirtualBox or VMware?

Im using VirtualBox and making VirtualMachines to accomplish that task .

May I ask, have you ever tried this?

Yes tried installing that

What happened? I may be able to help. Did you try openrc or systemd?
I have Gentoo compiling into a VirtualBox VM now, probably will not be
through compiling until tomorrow.

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@4dandl4 I was just asking some user friendly tutorial which I can do base installation and install Desktop environment

Their is no base install of Gentoo, you are the installer, everything is compiled
from source, and it takes time and patience. Some packages can take hours
to compile, like the dev-lang/rust packages that is running now. When I start
compiling Gentoo, my PC will never be turned off until I am able to boot into
a CLI enviroment. It is then when you can install xorg-server and a DE

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