Linux kiosk terminal

I want to create a kiosk in our reception using Linux on a 32 bit machine (former xp)

It is only to point to our site for activities and events in our village. No other access allowed so no printing, emails, or access other sites

The web site is set up and works fine but currently we print the page of this week’s events from the site and I am trying to get away from paper.

Looked at portus kiosk Linux but tgey wanted too much money for that version

Had thought of Linux mint, and remove everything except Firefox or chromium then setting that to auto open on start up but this would not prevent someone trying to break it

Chrome offers a white list extension but never used it

Also would like to switch off menu and other icons

I know education but reception is busy and someone would try to get passed the simple stuff

Any ideas appreciated

Have you seen this:

I first thought, you were mistaken, as I could not find any clue on the website.
Then I downloaded the iso and fired it up with qemu.
They really charge a fee for the updates of the system…
I assume when you are referring to a “reception” that this is a hotel or hostel or something.
They want € 40 a year for up to 5(?) devices, which in my opinion is not that outrageous.


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Thanks for the links and suggestions greatly appreciated

Some I had looked at and rejected but others will follow up on.

I live on a French island, our residence is mainly summer holiday let’s with some full time. Every summer we organise events for the kids club during the day, rafting, archery, and for adults conferences, disco, musical events, shows, art markets. Most evenings something different. But the comments negative are always #we did not know about x# dispite posters everywhere. Our web site gets hits but still comments.

I tried locking down a android tablet using one of the tools recommended, it was ok, but screen size think will be too small to see enough.

Have set up a tower, with mint on it and removed all but Firefox, no menus, no keyboard, anyone with Linux skills could reset it easy.

Will download a few of the suggestions to evaluate

Many thanks