Linux Mint 21.2 Victoria

For those who might be interested, I saw where Mint 21.2 is now available in all favors.
I think I will wait for the upgrade option before going to the new level.


Think I will do the same, nothing special for me in a point upgrade

Oohhh… A juicy upgrade

Dump the old, install the new, keeping all data in external storage.


Upgraded to Mint Cinnamon 21.2 form 21.1 and for me it was a smooth update.

And of course, took a Timeshift snapshot and a standalone backup before performing the update.


I’ve been using Xfce Vicky since it was a Beta. For me it was bloated with themes, so deleted them, using my own theme. Made it my own, by upgrading Xfce 4.18.2 to 4.18.4. I have saved my home folder as a tar.gz file, so installing and getting it setup to how I use 21.1 Vera, only took ten minutes. I love Mint as it just does what I want it to do. I fixed my Steam Proton gaming problem, don’t ask how as I don’t know, all I done was upgrade Wine to the latest, then my games ran as if they were on Windows.

Wish there was a ISO backup tool in Mint, or can Timeshift do that?? Yes there is Ubuntu Cubic, but that is a very large application. Systemback the original backup tool still works, from PPA for 16.04, which can make an ISO backup, but only up to 4.4GB. So would be better to make ISO backup before installing graphic drivers.


Me too! I use Clonezilla for backup. It is standalone, a bit of a pain in the ass to learn, but very reliable. And it lets me backup just the EFI and OS partition.

The documentation says it is a backup and it uses rsync for a backup / snapshot. I use Timeshift and recommend it. It has come in handy a few times for me.

There is a large discussion on Timeshift on this forum at ;


Upgrade to Mint 21.2 went smoothly. Backed up a few files.


Mint 21.3

This week I upgraded Linux Mint from 21.2 to 21.3 (Virginia) on both my desktop and laptop. The install went smoothly and as of now, I have not seen any problems.
And as a reminder, Backup your system before any major changes.


I upgraded right the moment it was available. Apparently more people had the same idea. :slight_smile:

Do we have any general guidelines for doing inline upgrades,
for example

or this

How do you deal with extra repos? Some distros say disable them before doing the upgrade

How do we deal with hand installed software… eg .deb files put in with dpkg.
I regularly lose my printer drivers with inline upgrades.

So, where is the list of right things to do?

Everything went smoothly for me. I had once .deb file installed from outside of any repositories and it posed no problem whatsoever.

Backups are, of course, always a good idea.

When I was on 21.1 and upgraded to 21.2 the added repository for SM Office (paid version) I had was kept and posed no problems.

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That means Mint has a good rugged upgrade procedure.
Devuan works smoothly too.
Debian recommends turning off things like extra repos.

I think distros like MX, Antix, Ubuntu with multiple repos defined would be more troublesome… have not been game to try any of those.