Linux mint installation and boot

I installed linux mint in usb through rufus and inserted the usb into pc and ran the whole process without any partition and I gave 115gb something to linux mint and 165gb something to windows and finished the process nothing happened after removing usb directly booted into windows then again I went for another process I allocated space for c drive from d drive and shrunk the c drive volume and again I tried to installed by choosing something else option and made partitions for root ,swap,all the which are needed by taking a video of It foss from youtube then too nothing happened this installation I did in ; there are two options uefi SanDisk and sandisk since my pendrive is SanDisk .I installed mint in normal SanDisk not uefi I don’t know where to install maybbe I installed in legacy mode or something again nothing happened ,what i observed is in bios there is linux mint showing except my windows toshiba and when I insert usb it showed SanDisk and uefi SanDisk but nothing is there when I removed except my current os again I took time and went for an installation in uefi mode then while installation process i found that it was saying there were multiple os and asking whether to install along them I got confused no system was recognised and yet it says there is an os what should I do yo solve this total mess please any one give me correct and describing what should I do in a neat way PLZZ I want to dual boot because my pc is old and it’s that dirty that it becomes many times unusable and sometimes it goes some correct so may be after dual boot the resources may be reduced for mint as my windows contained softwares and all I don’t like to loose it plz help Thanks in advance .and I will be waiting for your answer…

which version of windows (xp, 7, 8, 10?) and do you know if it was installed in uefi or legacy mode?

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It sounds like you are trying to install Mint in a dual boot machine. This page may be of help to you. Mint dual boot


that statement sounds like it might fit what is discussed on this page under the heading: Is there no boot menu and does Windows 10 start rightaway?