Linux Mint Keyring

I just read the article by Ankush on Seahorse (Seahorse: Manage Your Passwords & Encryption Keys in Linux - It's FOSS) and decided to investigate further.

Using Linux Mint 20 I searched for Seahorse, Password, Keys and got nowhere

I finally found that the command gnome-keyring brings up some limited functionality (or mate-keyring if using mate) for the keyring app

If I install Seahorse will I overwrite whatever may be in gnome-keyring or will i get access to its contents and more functionality?

Have you looked under Utilities on the menu? That’s where it is on this machine. When I put “pa” into the search window, it’s the first hit, as well.

Mint uses GNU/pg keys as default key ring dis player. It is found on Cinnamon any way in Accessories menu.