Linux Mint Mate 18.3, XX.X Bluetooth Issues

There are numerous problems that people experience with Bluetooth. My latest is is on a new install of Linux Mint Mate 18.3. I removed Blueberry and installed Blueman. I am able to pair and connect to devices, but no sound. Linux mint definitely needs a “everything you need to k now …” guide to troubleshoot these problems. Any suggestions?

Hello Mier,
I’m no Bluetooth expert and there is a lot of info on line but I found this article worked best for me. With my Mint setup. Though it’s generic and not just for Mint. Good Luck

If you have not tried to do so, try this: pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover

There is also a youtube video but that is for 18.1 and you could try looking here>

If you’ve found a solution can you let us know what it was. I use Cinnamon DE so have never had a problem with it,

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