Linux Mint MATE Update sources

With my Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia 64-bit, MATE 1.22.2, my ‘Update Manager’ is very regular with providing updates, which I always install without fail but…
My curiosity has become aroused by the volume of updates that are sourced from Ubuntu, and should I be installing every Ubuntu update into my Linux Mint MATE OS? :thinking:

As Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, I would suggest that this is quite legit, for they use the Ubuntu repos too.
But as I’m no expert in this issue, I’ll leave a more extensive answer to the pros here…

Fast Edi

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Ubuntu is the “upstream” of Linux Mint. Linux Mint is therefore the “downstream” of Ubuntu.

That means, that Linux Mint is inherently based on Ubuntu. Under the hood, it is 90% Ubuntu. Therefore it is just normal to merge upstream patches into most downstream distributions.


Thank you Akito and Fast.Edi:.
As I have only been with the Linux system a very short time, maybe now would be a good time for me to try out the latest Ubuntu MATE and see if it is as good as my current Mint MATE. :thinking:
Nothing ventured = Nothing gained. :cowboy_hat_face: :+1:

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What you have to remember is even though you’re using Linux, we users of it can still get viruses like any other operating system. These updates are security ones a lot of the time for Linux Servers, but best to keep your Linux system up to date, no matter what the update is for, as it keeps your OS fresh and protected.

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I have used Linux Mint Ubuntu but switched to Linux Mint Debian LMDE 4 (debbie).

Any particular reasons for doing this ‘switch’ UnixGuy, and why choose Linux Mint Debian LMDE 4?

The older Linux Mint was based on Ubuntu 18.04 the Linux Mint LMDE4 Debbie is based on Debian Buster with a 4.19 kernel.

Talk on the street is Debian is better backed then Ubuntu.


Hi UnixGuy
My current LM MATE is still my favourite but as it is 90+% Ubuntu, I thought I would give Ubuntu MATE a try out, but then this distro has suddenly come into my radar:

My only worry about staying with either of the ‘Big Two’ distro’s is their target size for miscreants.
What are your views on either of those big two OS’s with regard to the newer Robolinux.

Well robolinux is based on Debian.

If you research it most distros. can be traced back to only a couple of primary distributions. I.E. From Conical Systems, Red Hat, etc.

Most every linux is based on a common linux kernel.

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